The Books Edit

These are all the books that have been written($), are being written(%), or are planned to being written(&). They are organized into three groups, each separated by major time differences.

The Current Book that is being written is Book One: Moonshine. It is in the writing process, and is on chapter 9.

The Tribe of Waterfrost: Original Series Edit

The Tribe of Waterfrost: Scratching Claw's Reign Edit

  • Book One: A New Tribe(&)
  • Book Five: Rise of the River(&)
  • Book Six: Moonwalker's Dread(&)

Special Adventures Edit

  • Leaf's Meeting: Part One (&)
  • Leaf's Meeting: Part Two (&)
  • Scratching Claw's War (&)
  • Cotton's Story (&)
  • Fire's Journey (&)