Scratching Claw was the fifth cat to join Water, and is the main antagonist of The Tribe of Waterfrost: Scratching Claw's Reign. He is very strong, a natural fighter.

Book Appearances Edit

The Tribe of Waterfrost: Water's Journey Edit

  • Book One: Moonshine
  • Book Two Path of the Stars
  • Book Three: Path of the Moon
  • Book Four: A World of Darkness
  • Book Five: The Two Tribes
  • Book Six: The Final Day

The Tribe of Waterfrost: Scratching Claw's Reign Edit

  • Book One: A New Tribe
  • Book Two: Fall of the Stream
  • Book Three:A Tribal Battle
  • Book Four:Rise of the River
  • Book Five: Fall of a Tribe
  • Book Six: Moonwalker's Dread

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