You've become an Admin! Congratulations. As an Admin, you'll be held to a higher standard than other users. Here are some ground rules for Admins:

  • Follow up on all edits in the "Recent Wiki Activity" section and make sure no one is vandalizing
  • If people are vandalizing, normally you would report them - but, as an admin, you have more power, and you should ban them. The length of the ban depends on the severity of the vandalism - deleting a whole page is pretty serious, and putting false information into pages is more subtle yet almost as bad. Putting anything inappropriate into pages is not tolerated, and you can ban them with no warning. The first time someone vandalizes, if it isn't too serious, simply give them a warning. As many as three warnings can be given, but after three you should ban them. However, multiple warnings don't need to precede a ban. Remember, as an Admin, you are trusted enough to make your own important decisions. This page is simply a guideline - feel free to strike out on your own. If you're doing something wrong, another Admin or Bureaucrat will tell you. You can find more detailed advice here.
  • If you're not sure about how to deal with a situation or decision, contact one of the other Admins/Bureaucrats here.
  • If you want to make changes to the wiki, go ahead! But if it's something huge, like changing how the main page looks or a globally used template, you may want to ask another Admin/Bureaucrat if the change is a good one. However, as always, don't be afraid to change things.
  • You should not be changing the permissions on pages (who can edit them). That's for senior Admins and Bureaucrats who really know what they're doing. If you see a page that's been vandalized a lot, though, then you should protect that page.