Becoming a Bureaucrat

So now you're an Admin. But what if you want more? What if you want to become a true leader in the community - a Bureaucrat? Wanting to become a Bureaucrat is perfectly reasonable, but considerably harder than becoming an Admin. Here are the basic steps, although much more vague than the steps for Admin:

  • Be a user for a long time. Like, years.
  • Be an Admin first. You're not likely to be trusted with a lot of power if we don't know how you'll react with a little power.
  • Be a trusted and active Admin. You need to contribute a lot and be active often if you want to become a Bureaucrat. 
  • Finally, there is no official place to ask for bureaucrat like there is for Admins. This is because there will only ever be a couple of Bureaucrats, and it doesn't need a separate page cluttering up the wiki. It's less likely that you'll ask for Bureaucrat and more likely that a Bureaucrat will approach you and ask you about it. Remember, only trusted Admins are considered for Bureaucrats.